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When to Enter or Exit a Hedging or Trading Strategy?

One of the most common questions we receive at Rafferty Commodities Group is, “What are the benefits of technical analysis in the energy futures market?” Perhaps the most important benefit, we say, is that technical analysis imposes very strict disciplines on when to enter and exit a hedging or trading strategy. And that can mean all the difference when it comes to leveraging valuable opportunities, taking profits too soon, or experiencing unnecessary loss. Rafferty’s proprietary technical analysis provides our clients with the research, charts and interpretation that forecast price movements containing the distillation of all the information—trends, common patterns, history and more. Our expertise lies in designing critical option strategies that either protect a position and/or enhance a return. It’s one reason the nation’s leading businesses, institutions, utilities and investment firms choose Rafferty Commodities Group for our proven tools of timing to anticipate change and make smart decisions in a volatile industry. Learn more about us and the unique advantages our clients experience every market day at www.ENRG.com.

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