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What’s Wake Up to ENRG™?

When Rafferty Commodities Group launched our daily Wake Up to ENRG™ email service, our clients quickly realized the value our proprietary technical analysis, charts and interpretation brought to their energy hedging and trading strategies. Just as a business executive relies on his key people, keen insight, and proven tools to help guide his decisions, Wake Up to ENRG is a proven tool of timing delivered straight to your mail box and used by the nation’s leading businesses, institutions, utilities, and financial firms to better manage their investments. Over the years, Rafferty’s tools of timing to determine entry and exit points in the market have made us an in-demand brokerage firm for some of the most successful hedging, trading and risk management names in the industry. Our Call to Action email alerts are yet another tool we offer, delivering our proprietary technical analysis in real time when market shifts happen during the day. Now, we want you to experience these tools for yourself by signing up for our 30-day, no-cost, no-obligation trial of Wake Up to ENRG. We think you’ll recognize the Rafferty Commodities Group value starting on Day 1. 

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