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What's Missing in Your Mail Box Every Morning?

Happy New Year, everyone. In our Wake Up to ENRG™ client email this morning, we shared our daily chart for February WTI Crude Oil showing that after the market broke the 4950 area, prices fell hard to a low of 4236. We had listed 4200 as major support. After a couple of days of lows just above 4200, prices rebounded and have been inching higher. Buyers have supported the market on weakness. At this point, the market reached our first major resistance level at 4767 and, so far today, the high has been 4778. Our next resistance level is at 4820, which is the value of the long-term down trend line. As the market approaches this level, we view it as a low-risk selling opportunity, or a close above would signal a reversal. What are you missing in your mail box every morning? You're already here, so sign up today for our 30-day, no-cost, no-obligation trial of Wake Up to ENRG and start powering your hedging and trading strategies with Rafferty Commodities Group’s proven tools of timing in the energy markets. 

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