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The Proven Tool of Market Timing

When Rafferty Commodities Group introduced our daily Wake Up to ENRG™ email service a few years ago, we were inundated by the number of excited responses. Our clients told us, “waking up” to Rafferty’s proprietary technical analysis, charts and interpretation in their mailbox gave them a unique advantage to better manage their hedging and trading strategies across all major energy markets. And it still does. Our clients not only recognize the value of our insight as to where the markets are heading in price, they put to work our technical analysis, research and charts to make the best buy and sell decisions every market day. At Rafferty Commodities Group, our technical analysis is a proven tool of timing that provides hedgers and traders the distillation of ALL the data, so they can make the smartest, most informed decisions to minimize their risk exposure and maximize their investments. We’re so confident you’ll realize this same value for your energy portfolios starting Day 1 that you’ll want to become a client too. Sign up now for your 30-day, no-cost, no-obligation of Wake Up to ENRG by visiting Rafferty Commodities Group at www.ENRG.com

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