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The Different Views of Charts

Rafferty Commodities Group frequently is asked how we interpret the different views of charts to determine where markets may be headed. As technical analysts, we begin by examining charts over 5 different time-frames to analyze current buy and sell levels. During this time, we examine whether the market is in a trend or a sideways consolidation. Like a photographer who requires more than one lens to capture different perspectives, so do chartists. In our Wake Up to ENRG™ daily email and real-time Calls to Action, Rafferty Commodities Group shares our proprietary technical analysis, charts and interpretation to provide the distillation of ALL data, enabling our clients to make the smartest, most timely decisions every market day. See for yourself why the nation’s leading hedgers, traders, and risk managers depend on Rafferty to better manage their energy portfolios. Now, for the next 30 days, we invite you to see what you’ve been missing. Simply visit Rafferty Commodities Group at www.ENRG.com and sign up for our complementary 30-day, no-cost, no-obligation to Wake Up to ENRG delivered straight to your mail box. We’ll also include our real-time Calls to Action with the powerful intelligence that keeps you on the frontlines of the energy markets throughout the day.   

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