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Exactly a week and a half ago, Rafferty Commodities Group shared our proprietary technical analysis, charts and insight on where the price of WTI Crude Oil was heading. In our Call to Action Nov. 2, we advised our clients that the long-running bull market since 2017 could be over. We also said that if the recent violation was real, the decline would carry to the more major support around 5500. We were right. While there was a good run with many trading opportunities from the long side, the market’s violation of key support levels changed our view of the market—and our clients were the first to know. When it comes to day-to-day decision making for energy traders and portfolio managers, Rafferty’s technical analysis provides distillation of ALL the data to give our clients a serious advantage in the futures market. Our proven tools of market timing are put to work every day by the nation’s leading businesses, institutions, and investment firms.  For the next 30 days, you can experience that same advantage when you sign up for our no-cost, no-obligation test-drive of Wake Up to ENRG™.  We’re so confident you’ll put our powerful intelligence to work right away, you’ll want to become a client. 

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