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Rafferty's Proprietary Technical Analysis Offers the Ultimate Tools of Market Timing

As Technical Analysts, Rafferty Commodities Group keeps it simple. We see markets as either in a trend or sideways movement of consolidation or distribution. We are guided by four disciplines: (1) we buy against defined levels of support; (2) we buy breakouts beyond a key resistance; (3) on the flipside, we sell against defined levels of resistance; and (4) sell breakdowns of key support. Whichever form of analysis your company uses to initiate a strategy, Rafferty’s technical approach teaches opportunity, and most importantly, the tools of timing in the energy futures market. See for yourself why the nation’s leading businesses, utilities, institutions and investment firms leverage our proprietary technical analysis, charts and commentary every market day to enhance their hedging and trading strategies. While you're here, sign up now for our 30-day, no-cost, no-obligation trial of Wake Up to ENRG™ delivered straight to your email box. It's time to see what you've been missing.

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