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Meet Steve Murphy, Technical Analyst

As a young stockbroker, Steve quickly realized that picking stocks with strong fundamentals didn’t guarantee that their prices would buck the trend. A year later, he made a switch over to the futures market. In the leveraged world of futures markets, it became apparent to Steve that timing and risk management were key to success. After a friend introduced him to the concept of technical analysis and charting, he met Jerry Rafferty. “Jerry’s knowledge of technical analysis and success as a trader was highly well known,” Steve says. “I liked the fact that he kept his approach simple using the time-tested methods of Edwards and Magee.” Today, Steve serves as Vice President of Rafferty Commodities Group, where he applies the same proven market-timing tools that have made the brokerage the most successful of its kind. Every day, our clients put to work our proprietary technical analysis, charts, interpretation, and intraday Call to Action emails through our Wake Up to ENRG™ client service. Now, we want you to see what our clients experience every market day with our 30-day, no-cost, no-obligation trial to Wake Up to ENRG. We’re so confident you’ll put to work our tools of market timing, you’ll want to become a client right away. While you're here, sign up now for your trial and let us know your thoughts.

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