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Meet Steve Blair, Technical Analyst

When Steve Blair joined what would become Rafferty Commodities Group, the trading world stood on the edge of dramatic transformation. Advancements in technology looked to wave goodbye to the NYMEX floor and welcome in the era of electronic trading. Steve recalls that during this time he realized that Rafferty would have to offer new levels of value to their clients if they wanted to stay successful. “For us, that value has always been our proprietary technical analysis to help traders determine entry and exit points in the energy markets.” Now, as Vice President and Principal, Steve uses his skills as a technical analyst to help institutions, businesses, individuals and hedge fund managers minimize risk and maximize their energy investments. Since then, the unique value Rafferty offers also has increased—and our clients’ success stories prove it every day. Our Wake Up to ENRG™ and real-time Call to Action email alerts are key to their success, delivering access to our proprietary technical research, charts and interpretation to clients every market day. Now, we want you to experience the same, proven market-timing tools for 30 days. Visit our Home page and sign up for our free, no-obligation trial of Wake Up to ENRG. It’s time you discover what you’ve been missing.

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