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Knowing the Moment the Energy Markets Shift Makes All the Difference

Alerting our clients with real-time Calls to Action when the energy markets shift is just one advantage Rafferty Commodities Group offers to help hedgers and traders make timely, more informed decisions.  In our Call to Action email this morning, our daily chart below shows how February Crude Oil broke out above the downward sloping bear trend line last Friday. On Friday we stated that we wanted to buy this breakout above the line, which was at 4730. So far today, the market has traded up to a high of 4947. We have listed major resistance at the 4957 area, so we alerted our customers to take some profits as we approach this major resistance level. Rafferty Commodities Group also shares our proprietary technical analysis, charts and interpretation in our Wake Up to ENRG™ email service, empowering our hedging and trading clients with the proven tools of timing they’ve come to depend on every market day. Now, we want you to see what you’ve been missing with our complimentary, 30-day trial of Wake Up to ENRG. No cost. No obligation. No hassle. We’re so confident you’ll recognize the value Rafferty Commodities Group brings to your hedging and trading strategies, you’ll want to become a client. You're already here, so get started today with Wake Up to ENRG.

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