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It's Not Always What You know About the Energy Markets, It's When

It's Not Always What You Know About the Energy Markets, It's When

Every day, Rafferty Commodities Group hears from commodity hedgers, traders and risk managers looking for the best way to manage their exposures and maximize their returns. Price is the distillation of all the data and information. To the trained eye, we recognize that patterns and trends reveal themselves and give us the ability to better time entry and exit points in the market. The decision of WHEN to buy and sell should rank as the most important part of a hedging/trading strategy. At Rafferty, we share that “when” with clients every market day with our proprietary technical analysis, charts and interpretation. Now, we’d like to share those “whens” with you for a full 30 days. No cost. No obligation. No hassle. Simply sign up to Wake Up to ENRG at www.ENRG.com. You’ll also receive our Call to Action emails that alert you to immediate shifts across all the major energy markets. We’re so confident you’ll recognize the extraordinary value Rafferty Commodities Group offers, you’ll want to become a brokerage client right away. While you're here, learn more about our services—and why the nation’s leading industries and professional managers put our expertise to work every day.


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