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In Our Wake Up to ENRG Client Email This Morning...

In our Wake Up to ENRG™ client email this morning, Rafferty Commodities Group said, “A look at the chart with our analysis shows the many trading opportunities we’ve enjoyed, including opportunities to sell against the declining line of resistance. The area we outlined as support between 4915-5000 provided many opportunities to buy against. In each case of buying or selling, our risk was always known. On the downside, a close below 4900 was our Out Point. On the upside, we risked a violation on a closing basis against the declining value of a bear trend line. We believe that prices will break out one way or another as the market cannot remain within these converging lines. And so, we wait for a violation. Until then, we’ll enjoy the trading opportunities.”  At Rafferty Commodities Group, we are the Technical Analysts relied on by the nation’s leading businesses, institutions, traders, and financial management companies. Now, you can experience the same market intelligence our clients enjoy every morning for 30 days with Rafferty Commodities Group’s no-cost, no-obligation subscription to Wake Up to ENRG. Visit us and sign up now at www.ENRG.com. It’s time to see what you’ve been missing.

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