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For the Hundreds of Hedgers and Traders That Rely on Rafferty Commodities Group, Here's What They Learned Today

In today’s Wake Up to ENRG™ daily email, Rafferty Commodities Group told our clients that on Wednesday we had referenced the daily chart below for February WTI Crude Oil. We mentioned the importance of the downward sloping bear trend line with its declining value of resistance. We had stated that we liked selling the market as it approached this line as a low-risk selling opportunity. However, we also stated that if the market broke out above it, we would reverse course and buy the market. The market broke out above the line today, which had value of 4730. We’ve already seen an almost $2 move after breaking the 4730 level. The market traded up to a high of 4922 before pulling back to settle at 4796. Going forward, we like buying the market on pullbacks as close to this line as possible. We are wrong if prices fall back below the declining value of this line on a closing basis. Join the hundreds of other hedgers and traders that follow Rafferty Commodities Group every market day by becoming a client. While you're here, sign up now for our 30-day, no-cost, no-obligation, no-hassle trial of Wake Up to ENRG and see what you’ve been missing. 

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