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“…Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before...” – Thomas Campbell

As a young broker, back when the NYMEX had a physical floor, fundamental analyst Jerry Rafferty had an epiphany that would change the course of his career. While trying to find market direction one day, Jerry observed that sharp price movements often occurred without corresponding fundamental news. “Market patterns could be seen time and again,” Jerry says. After years of research and observation, he recognized that “price” became the distillation of all data. Jerry Rafferty soon became the first independent trader to use charts to guide his trading decisions. As technical analysts and chartists, Jerry and his team apply their craft as a disciplined approach to develop highly successful hedging and trading strategies. Rafferty’s daily Wake Up to ENRG™ service enables our clients to better manage their exposure in the futures market with the charts, interpretation and historical research that offer powerful intelligence. For the next 30 days, we want you to experience our proprietary technical analysis with absolutely no obligation. Visit our home page and sign up now to see for yourself what our clients already know: Right timing in all things is the most important factor.    

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