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Anticipating Change and Identifying Opportunities in the Energy Markets

The obvious answer is great timing, of course. 

Decades before the NYMEX went fully electronic, Jerry Rafferty became one of the first professional floor traders and brokers to apply technical analysis to anticipate change and identify opportunities in the futures markets. As a matter of fact, he introduced the concept of technical analysis to the energy industry as a disciplined approach to hedging and trading strategies. Today, Rafferty Commodities Group is a full-service independent Introducing Broker that uses our proprietary technical analysis as a disciplined approach to hedging and trading strategies. Our clients call it a proven, market-timing tool. We think you’ll agree. Now, we invite you to see for yourself with our 30-day, no-obligation trial of Wake Up to ENRG™.  Once you sign up for access to our technical analysis, you will also receive our timely Call to Action emails that alert you to real-time shifts across all energy markets. We’re so confident you’ll recognize the extraordinary value Rafferty Commodities Group offers, you’ll want to join the nation’s leading industries and professional managers by becoming a client right away. Get started now.

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