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The Rafferty Advantage Is More Than
Just Our Brokerage Services.
Much More.

We Are World-Class Technical Analysts

Under the leadership of Jerry Rafferty, a 38-year veteran of the NYMEX, Rafferty Commodities Group speaks the language of Technical Analysis to help our clients better time entry and exit points in the energy futures market.

Our proprietary technical research, charting, analysis, and interpretive guidance are industry-renowned for their disciplined approach to anticipate change and identify opportunities— and used by some of the nation's leading businesses, institutions, and financial management companies.

"...Coming events cast their shadows before..."

- Scottish poet Thomas Campbell

We are Futures and Options Specialists

As a National Futures Association (NFA) registered independent Introducing Broker (IB), Rafferty Commodities Group specializes in the development of trading and hedging strategies across all major energy markets.

The Rafferty advantage lies in our proven, proprietary market-timing tools and value-rich services you won't find anywhere else-but have made us an industry leader for more than three decades.

  • Wake Up to ENRGTM— Online access to our daily technical analysis, interpretation, commentary, charts, and energy commodity insights
  • Call to Action Email Alerts— Immediate notification of market changes, opportunities, and professional guidance
  • Efficient execution services for energy futures and options
  • Long-standing relationships with leading FCMs to offer clearing services at highly competitive rates
  • Access to online trading platforms
  • Personal consultation, support and advisement to build successful trading and hedging strategies across the global marketplace

"Right timing in all things is the most important factor"

- Hesiod, Greek poet, 8th century BC

Jerry Rafferty's Leadership and Experience Spans Four Decades.

His many accomplishments over this period include:

39-years as a member and veteran of the New York commodities markets.

Worked as an independent trader on NYMEX, COMEX and the Cotton Exchange, achieving levels of success few traders ever experience.

Helped launch the Crude Oil contract in March 1983 at a time when the scales could have easily tipped in favor of the Chicago Board of Trade, NYMEX's competitor. While success has many fathers, no other person is more closely associated with NYMEX and its energy markets than Jerry Rafferty.

Established Rafferty Associates, Inc. (RAI) in 1983, which for many years was one of the largest independent floor brokerage firms on the NYMEX.

Launched Rafferty Technical Research (RTR) in 1984, which (since 1996) operates as a Web-based resource for CEOs, risk managers, energy traders and hedgers.

Honed his expertise by serving on numerous committees, including the Finance, Crude Oil Advisory, Heating Oil Advisory, Gasoline Advisory, Natural Gas, various Electricity Committees and several Technology Committees.

Credited with introducing the concept of technical analysis as a tool of market timing in the energy futures markets-;an expertise that has gained wide acceptance among buy-and-sell decision makers.

Helped support and educate his clients by authoring the Rafferty Technical Research Report

Frequent speaker at conferences on risk management in energy futures hedging and trading.

President of Rafferty Energy Group, the holding company for Rafferty Technical Research (RTR) and Rafferty Commodities Group, Inc.

There's no better player to have on your team for energy trading than Jerry Rafferty and the Rafferty Commodities team, whose combined 100 plus years of experience have literally seen it all. Don't be caught by unexpected surprises and market turns.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to open an account with Rafferty Commodities Group, an Introducing Brokerage (IB) company, specializing in futures and options in the energy complex since 1986.

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